Case Report

A case report: Hairy Cell leukemia

  • Ayşenur Özderya
  • Fatma Dilek Dellal
  • T. Çeviker
  • Rıfat Posta
  • Mutlu Niyazioğlu
  • Fatih Öner Kaya
  • Burhan Bedir

IMJ 2006;7(2):31-33

Hairy cellleukemia isa rare neoplasm that's etiologic meehanisms are not well known. Patients with this disorder usually present with pansitopeni and splenomegaly. Approximetaly 80% of px are men and usually o/der than 50 years. it isa basically B lymphoeyte disease but it ıs ealled as a hairy eel[ leukemia because of the hairy eytoplasmıe projeetions. Bone marrow biopsy is valuable in diagnosis.Usually matenal ean't be aspirated and retikülinfibrosis in bone marrow is an important sign. The most distinetıve feature that dijferentiates the hairy eel/ leukemia from other lymphoproliferative diseases is TRAP posivity. Treatment ıs based on sp/eneetomy and ehemotherapy. Pentostatin and klodribin are mostly used ehemotropie drugs. Overall survıval is 3-5 years. Repeated infeetions are the most important eause of the deaths.

Keywords: Hairy eel/leukemia, Pansitopeni, Splenomegaly