Case Report

A case report: Gastric Xantalasma

  • Öznur Ertaş
  • Şükran Türkeş
  • Füsun Erdenen
  • Fadime Bahadır
  • Hasan Bektaş
  • Osman Nuri Huten

IMJ 2007;8(1):39-41

Gastric xanthelasmas are pale yellaw nodular or plaque lesions which are generally smaller than 5 mm on gastric mucosa. No correlation wasfound between hypercholesterolemia and gastric xanthoma. There are few references concerning them and the importance of the se lesions are not fully understood. There aresome suggestions about xanthelasmas and gastric atrophy. We present a patient who was investigated for iron deficiency anemia and gastric xantelasma was diagnosed.

Keywords: Xsantelasma, xanthoma